Video For Sales Teams That Drives Results

invido is designed specifically for sales professionals to improve prospecting, increase follow up rates and close more deals.

More sales. Less legwork.

Record videos when it's convenient for you, and send them to your prospects automatically. This way, they can watch at their convenience, and you'll never miss an opportunity to connect with them.

Build trust and authority

Invido allows you to record video messages and send them to potential customers with just a few clicks, which builds trust and authenticity.

Increase response rates

Video messaging is a more personal way to connect with prospects, resulting in higher response rates.

Save time and resources

Video messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate with others.

Enhance relationships

Video messaging can help build strong relationships with customers.

Create experiences

Videos are more memorable than text-based communication, and they also evoke emotion which enhances the overall experience of watching them.

Increase engagement

Videos are a great way to get and keep people's attention, as they stand out from other forms of communication.

Generate leads

Video messages can help generate new leads for your business by showcasing your products or services.

Boost loyalty

Video messages help build relationships with customers and keep them loyal to a business.

What People Say

See for yourself how video messaging can transform your business.