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Create Customer Acquisition Strategy Templates For Different Channels

Philipp Schachinger
Last updated on March 27, 2023

A customer acquisition strategy should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Different customer segments may require varying approaches to reach them and convert them into clients.

To ensure your customer acquisition strategy is as effective as possible, create customer acquisition templates for each channel you are targeting.

In this article, we will walk you through how to create customer acquisition strategy templates for various customer segments.

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Identify the channels you will use for your customer acquisition strategy

Acquire new customers through online channels like social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Offline customer acquisition strategies are also effective and can include print advertising, radio ads, and direct mail campaigns.

Here’s a summary of popular channels to consider when developing customer acquisition strategies:

Social media

Post content that resonates with potential customers and tracks customer interactions to optimize campaigns. Focus areas can include customer service and customer feedback. Customers are actively participating in social media, boosting their connection to brands and driving loyalty. To use customer acquisition templates tailored to social media, consider customer personas and customer journey mapping.

Email marketing

Create engaging emails with customer segmentation to reach the right audience. The purpose of customer acquisition strategies such as email marketing is to build customer relationships and loyalty. To use customer acquisition strategies to their full potential, customer segmentation for email marketing should be in place.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Improve your website ranking by optimizing keyword phrases and incorporating customer research. For customer acquisition in SEO to be successful, customer research should be conducted in order to understand customer behaviors, needs, and interests. Additionally, customer acquisition strategies such as optimizing keyword phrases on your business’s landing page for customer searches on Google can help get your website noticed and ranked higher amongst search engines.

Content marketing

Develop customer-centric content that drives customer engagement and encourages customer loyalty. You want to create content that speaks to customer interests and needs. Incorporating customer research into your customer acquisition strategy will help you determine what topics are important to them and drive customer engagement.

The marketing strategy of your business should be customer-centric. Use customer feedback to refine your customer acquisition strategy and create a customer-oriented campaign that resonates with their needs.


Invest in targeted customer acquisition campaigns through print, radio, television, digital or outdoor channels. Advertising needs to be customer focused and should be designed to capture customer attention. Lead generation through advertising is a good way to help you acquire more customers for a given location or target group segment.

However, one drawback of this acquisition strategy plan using advertising is expensive customer acquisition cost.

Referral Programs

The referral program is a customer acquisition plan that will support customer acquisition and customer retention by incentivizing customers, who refer the product to their peers. This customer attraction strategy involves offering incentives like discounts or rewards for successful referrals and is one of the most cost-effective customer acquisition techniques available.

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Customer Acquisition Strategy Template for customer acquisition channels, Tips and Examples

A Customer Acquisition Strategy Template for your customer acquisition channels can help ensure that customer data is collected accurately and used effectively. For example, customer emails should include customer segment information such as geographic location, customer purchase behavior, customer type, etc. This can then be segmented further to identify the customer acquisition channels which are most effective for each customer segment.

Here are customer acquisition strategy template for different channels that you can use to help streamline customer acquisition:

Social Media Customer Acquisition Strategy Template

This customer acquisition strategy template is designed to help you create a customer acquisition plan for social media. It outlines the customer journey from initial contact through customer onboarding and beyond. The template includes sections on customer segmentation, customer engagement activities, content promotion strategies and more.

Tips to guide you with your social media customer acquisition strategy template

Creating an effective customer acquisition strategy on social media requires a deep understanding of the target audience, as well as the platforms available. A template for a social media customer acquisition strategy should include: 


What are the goals or objectives of this particular social media venture? Are you attempting to increase brand awareness, drive more sales, build relationships with followers, or something else? Once these goals have been identified, they can be used to guide the remaining elements of your strategy. 

Platform Selection

Which social networks will you use? Will you limit yourself to one platform or use multiple? Also consider which networks align best with your target demographic and will give you access to the largest possible audience. 

Content Creation

What type of content will you share? How often? What topics should you focus on? Establishing a clear content creation plan is essential so that your posts remain relevant and engaging. 

Engagement Strategies

How will you engage with users on each platform? Will it be through comments or direct messages? Will any special offers or incentives be included in order to increase engagement? 

Campaign Tracking

How will you track your campaigns in real-time in order to measure performance and adjust accordingly if needed? This could involve setting up tracking codes and tracking links, as well as monitoring analytics such as reach and engagement rates. 

Performance Measurement & Optimization

How will you measure the performance of your campaigns over time? Which metrics should be tracked and monitored regularly in order to adjust tactics when needed and optimize results over time? 

By following a detailed template such as this one, you can ensure that your social media customer acquisition efforts are focused on achieving your desired outcomes. Furthermore, by properly measuring performance along the way, it is possible to make adjustments to ensure maximum ROI for each campaign.

Entice your customers with discounts they simply can’t refuse!

One of the best strategy to entice customers to purchase your product or service is to offer discounts. This customer acquisition template gives you an overview of what type of discounts you should provide, when and how often it should be used, and which customer segments are the best fit for such offers.

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Email Marketing Customer Acquisition Strategy Template

Email is still a powerful customer acquisition channel, and having a customer strategy template in place can help you get the most out of it. This customer acquisition strategy template outlines what techniques and tactics should be used for successful customer acquisition through email marketing.

To create a successful customer acquisition template for email marketing, consider the following steps:

1. Define Your Target Audience

Before creating your email marketing customer acquisition strategy template, you need to define your target audience. Think about who you want to reach and why. What kind of people should receive your emails? Consider demographics such as age, gender, location, interests and job titles. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the people you are targeting in order to create the most effective email marketing strategy possible.

2. Craft Compelling Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing recipients will see when they receive your emails, so it needs to be powerful and engaging enough to get them to open it. Choose words that are concise yet captivating; avoid common phrases like “special offer” or “discounts available” and try something more creative that will draw in readers. Additionally, use personalization if possible by including the recipient’s name at the start of the subject line. 

3. Design Eye-Catching Templates

Your email design plays a key role in attracting customers and generating leads. Use visual elements like compelling images, attractive colors, and interesting icons to capture attention and increase engagement with your emails. Also make sure that all content is optimized for mobile devices; over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices these days, so keep everything looking great on smaller screens! 

4. Follow Up & Drive Conversion

Finally, make sure you follow up with customers who show interest in your product or service after they open your email but don’t convert right away—this could be as simple as sending a friendly reminder or offering an exclusive discount code as an incentive! Remember that every touchpoint with a potential customer is an opportunity to drive conversions—make sure you take advantage whenever possible!

Offer a free trial of your products or poach customers from larger rivals by providing discounts, loyalty programs, and customer-friendly policies.

To streamline your customer acquisition strategy, the right customer acquisition templates can be a great way to get ahead. Having customer acquisition templates available allows teams to quickly set up campaigns that are already proven to work in different customer segments. You can also use them to track customer behavior and analyze what works

SEO Customer Acquisition Strategy Template

When developing a customer acquisition strategy for search engine optimization, it is important to understand how search engine algorithms work and how searchers interact with your content.

This template provides a starting point to implement an effective SEO strategy:

1. Conduct an audit of your website.

Analyze the structure of your website, the quality of your content, and the technical aspects of optimization such as page loading speed, navigational ease, and keyword density. Make sure all elements are up-to-date and optimized for best performance.

2. Develop targeted keyword strategies.

Analyze your existing keywords and research relevant terms that can be used in both organic and paid search to reach potential customers who are interested in your products or services. Focus on long-tail keywords that are more specific than generic terms to reach a more qualified audience and increase click-through rates (CTR).

3. Optimize for local searches.

If you have multiple locations or provide services in certain areas, make sure you optimize for local searches by including location-specific keywords in title tags, descriptions, headings, anchor texts, etc., as well as registering with local directories like Google My Business. 

4. Monitor search engine rankings regularly so you can identify changes quickly and adjust strategies accordingly when necessary.

Also pay attention to any changes made by search engines such as algorithm updates or new features so you can take advantage of them right away if needed. 

5. Implement influencer marketing tactics – partner with digital influencers who have the ability to share your content through their own online channels

This will help you get visibility not only among their followers but also among those individuals’ connections too which will widen the reach of your message significantly compared to other types of outreach methods like traditional advertising campaigns or email blasts alone would do so .  

Enable prospective customers with free trials or freemium plans to test out your product before committing.

This will help customer acquisition and create customer loyalty in the long run. Try to make sure that customer experience is smooth and that customer support is available for any questions or issues they may have during their trial period.

Content Marketing Customer Acquisition Strategy Template

Content marketing is an effective customer acquisition strategy that can help businesses reach their target audiences and convert them into clients.

The template below outlines the steps necessary to create a successful content marketing customer acquisition strategy.

1. Develop a Content Strategy

Establishing a content strategy provides the blueprint for your entire customer acquisition strategy. Create goals for what you want to achieve, determine what kind of content will best address these goals, and identify which channels to use for distribution.

2. Create Shareable Content

When creating content, focus on producing pieces that are both informative and engaging in order to capture your audience’s attention. Additionally, optimize each piece with keywords relevant to your target market so it has higher visibility when people search for topics related to your business or industry. 

3. Monitor Your Audience

Analyzing how viewers interact with your content helps you understand who they are, where they are coming from, and how they intend to use the information you share with them. Use this knowledge to refine your strategies and create more targeted content that better appeals to the needs of your ideal customers.

4. Track Performance

Monitor how well each piece of content performs by measuring metrics like clicks, impressions, shares, engagement, lead conversions, etc., in order to adjust future strategies as needed appropriately. This could involve making changes around topics covered or only focusing on certain channels based on performance data gathered from previous campaigns.  

5. Review & Refine Strategies Regularly

It’s important to review strategies regularly in order analyze weak points and make adjustments as needed across different areas within a particular campaign in order ensure best practices are followed and deliverables are met.

Leverage on content especially online videos

To drive hesitant travelers to book flights with them, United Airlines relied on video marketing as an essential channel. In this case, customer acquisition was mainly driven by the interest generated in engaging visuals and short stories that were effective both before and after an actual flight.  

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Referral Programs Customer Acquisition Strategy Template

A referral program can be an effective customer acquisition strategy, but it must be carefully designed to ensure maximum success.

To create a template for an effective referral program, you should consider the following elements: 

1. The Offer

What will you offer as a reward for referrals? Make sure the reward is compelling enough to motivate customers to refer friends and family. Consider providing additional incentives such as discounts or freebies to encourage more referrals.

2. The Messaging

Create messaging that is targeted towards potential customers and encourages them to join your referral program. The messaging should also include how they can benefit from referring others, such as earning rewards or discounts.

3. Trackability and Measurement

Have set milestones and KPIs in place so you can accurately track the success of your referral program, including the number of referrals generated and conversions from those referrals into customers. Make sure to also track who refers whom so you are able to acknowledge those responsible for bringing in new customers. 

4. Execution Plan

You need an execution plan can be included in your powerpoint presentation to ensure your referral program runs smoothly and efficiently. This should involve setting clear goals, establishing a timeline with milestones, developing processes for recruitment such as email campaigns or social media posts, and tracking performance over time using analytics tools or custom dashboards/reports.  

5. Rewards Program Management & Support Systems

A successful referral program requires ongoing management and support systems in place such as dedicated customer service staff who can respond quickly when needed, automated marketing campaigns that keep participants engaged, and reliable technical infrastructure that supports the tracking of referrals across multiple platforms (e-mail, mobile & web). 

6. Follow-up & Reinforcement Strategy

Developing a follow-up strategy is important in order to reinforce the benefits of joining your referral program – this could include additional offers or discounts specific to those who joined the program early on, an email campaign featuring success stories from other participants in the program etc.

These customer acquisition process templates provide a framework for you to create customer acquisition goals and objectives, develop customer acquisition strategies and tactics, track customer acquisition performance metrics, and measure customer lifetime value.

Offer a more substantial incentive for the initial referral to motivate customers

Offer to join the referral program. For example, offer an additional customer reward for referring a customer to your business or create an exclusive customer loyalty program for those who have referred customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Acquisition Strategy Template:

What is an example of acquisition strategy?

As an example, one traditional B2B client procurement tactic is when a company invites possible customers to try out their product for free during the span of 30 days.

What is a customer acquisition model?

Through your marketing efforts, potential customers become familiar with your brand and recognize why it is the best option to satisfy their needs. Yet acquisition doesn’t take place until after that recognition has occurred.

Customer Acquisition Strategy Template: Summary

With this customer acquisition strategy template, you should be well on your way to planning and launching a comprehensive campaign that targets your ideal customers across multiple channels.

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