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How Video Platforms Can Improve Customer Communication and Create Greater Loyalty (Video Newsletter)

Philipp Schachinger
Last updated on May 8, 2023

In today’s digital-first world, video platforms have become a powerful tool for driving customer engagement and loyalty. That’s why companies like Invido have developed video newsletters and other video communication tools to help businesses reach their customers in an engaging and memorable way. Let’s take a look at how these video platforms can be used to improve customer communication and create greater loyalty.

1) Increased Engagement

Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content available, so it makes sense that using videos in your customer communication can help increase engagement. Whether you are introducing a new product or simply sending out a monthly newsletter, videos are more likely to capture attention than traditional text alone. This increased engagement can help you create deeper connections with your customers, building trust and loyalty over time.

2) Improved Accessibility

Not all of your customers may be able to access text-based content. By offering videos as an alternative, you can ensure that everyone is able to access your message and understand what you are communicating. This improved accessibility will make sure that no one gets left behind when it comes to important business updates or announcements.

3) Enhanced Personalization

Using videos in your customer communication allows you to add a personal touch that text alone cannot provide. You can use videos to show off your team members or introduce products in an interactive way that helps customers feel connected to your brand on a deeper level. This personalization will make customers feel seen, heard, and valued which is essential for creating long-term loyalty.

Conclusion: Video Newsletter

Video platforms are becoming increasingly popular as businesses strive to improve customer communication and create greater loyalty with their audiences. With the help of tools like Invido’s video newsletters, companies can leverage the power of video content to engage with their customers in meaningful ways that go beyond traditional text-based messaging.

By using videos in their customer communication strategies, businesses can increase engagement, improve accessibility, and enhance personalization for their audiences – all key ingredients for creating lasting relationships with customers that drive long-term success for the company as a whole!

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