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Customer Acquisition

Uncovering Customer Acquisition Strategies Used By Companies To Achieve Success – And How You Can Too

Philipp Schachinger
Last updated on May 8, 2023

A customer acquisition strategy is essential for any business to successfully reach its customer base and acquire new customers. There are countless stories of businesses that have achieved great success. However, there is often a lesson or offer hidden within these stories that can provide valuable insights for others looking to achieve similar results.

We will explore the customer acquisition stories of different businesses and how they evolved into the giant platform it is today. The lessons learned from their customer acquisition journey are highly applicable to those looking to acquire customers for their businesses.

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Successful Customer Acquisition Stories of Popular Brands

Airbnb’s success in customer acquisition

Vacation Homes Condo Rentals Airbnb Airbnb

When they first started, Airbnb faced the challenge of getting people to list their properties on the site. To overcome this, they came up with the concept of “guerrilla marketing” where they would go to events, acquire customers in bulk and offer discounts to get people to list on the site. This customer acquisition strategy proved successful, but they soon realized they needed to broaden their customer base to grow.

Initially, Airbnb had a difficult problem to solve: they needed to attract both consumers and owners to be successful. To do this, they needed to create listings of rooms and houses for individuals to browse; however, they had difficulty getting owners to list their properties without an existing user base. To overcome this “chicken-and-egg” problem, the founders of Airbnb came up with a creative solution: offering air mattress rentals. They rented out air mattresses from local universities to attract people who were looking for temporary accommodations.

Airbnb offered users who listed properties on Airbnb the opportunity to post them to Craigslist as well, even though Craigslist offered no sanctioned way to do so. Additionally, Airbnb automated a way to contact property owners on Craigslist asking them to post their listings on Airbnb. These two actions allowed Airbnb to quickly gain a large market share in the short-term rental space.

Above all, AirBnB acquired a massive customer base from Craiglist to jumpstart its customer acquisition. This AirBnB customer acquisition is an exemplary model for entrepreneurs and businesses attempting to develop their user base in a fiercely competitive market space. It serves as an inspiring narrative of how effective AirBNB has been at acquiring customers.

Uber’s Innovative Referral Program

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Uber’s Referral Program has sparked a massive expansion in just a few short years with its revolutionary approach to customer engagement and retention. By offering incentives like free rides, discounts, and loyalty points for referring friends and family to sign up as users, Uber capitalizes on organic word-of-mouth marketing that is cost-effective and exponentially more impactful than traditional forms of advertising.

Uber rewards loyalty by granting loyal riders an opportunity to benefit from a generous referral program. With every successful invitation, they receive up to $20 in free ride credits as well as their invited friend or family member. Both parties get the perfect introduction to Uber’s service and are encouraged to continue experiencing rides with them for years down the road.

Uber’s referral rewards program offers an invaluable opportunity: when customers use the service often, they benefit from a free ride plus can explain its value to others for additional bonuses. It creates a positive feedback loop that ensures everybody gains — exactly what constitutes success in this modern age of digital businesses.

Uber’s customer acquisition is one of almost effortless customer engagement. Through the referral reward program, customer reviews, and a customer-friendly approach to customer service, Uber has been able to create a culture of customer loyalty that many businesses strive for but fail to achieve.

Harnessing the Power of Content Marketing on Etsy

Etsy Shop for handmade vintage custom and unique gifts for everyone

Etsy leveraged content marketing to create its comprehensive Seller’s Handbook, which provides crucial guidance on selling goods effectively. With a decentralized structure that allows buyers and sellers to interconnect via the internet hub, Etsy is not just an e-commerce site but much more: it’s a community of creators, craftspeople, and visionaries. Here people can come together in one place with ideas ranging from crafting supplies to vintage pieces – all making this platform truly special!

By incorporating affiliate marketing into its revenue-generating model, Etsy was able to cultivate deeper relationships with customers through its own promotional initiatives. Through customer acquisition stories, Etsy was able to prove its worth and highlight the success of those who elected to use its platform. Despite the difficulties in customer acquisition, it is possible to find creative strategies that can help drive customer loyalty and engagement with your business.

Etsy’s strategy of customer acquisition is through content marketing and customer stories is one that can be replicated across different types of businesses. It provides a way for customers to connect with your business on an emotional level, leading to more loyalty and customer engagement.

Content marketing isn’t just about customer acquisition, however – it can also be used to increase customer retention. By creating content related to customer stories and customer experiences, you can create a deeper connection between your customers and your business.

Customer Acquisition Strategy using referrals with a system like Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most successful customer acquisition success stories. By leveraging customer referrals, Dropbox was able to gain over 4 million users in 15 months. To incorporate customer referrals into their customer acquisition strategy, Dropbox implemented a referral program that rewarded current customers for referring new customers to their service.

One of the most ubiquitous customer acquisition marketing methods is the referral system. A well-crafted referral system campaign will incentivize your existing customers to invite their friends by offering some time rewards for doing so. The prize can contain a monetary or digital value and helps create a reciprocal relationship with your customers by inviting them to participate in your brand. One of the most successful examples of this strategy can be found when examining Dropbox. 

Dropbox’s referral system is a win-win for existing clients and their friends: both will receive an extra 500mb of storage once they join the platform. This simple yet effective strategy of customer acquisition used by Dropbox ensures that each party gains value, increasing the chance that your referrals will become lifelong supporters. The customer acquisition story of Dropbox demonstrates the power that good customer rewards can have.

Capture Quality Leads With Customer Acquisition Strategy using Customizable Interactive Content Like Shopify

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An effective customer acquisition technique is custom interactive content. People have been entertained by utilizing simplistic generators and participating in quizzes since the dawn of the internet.

Shopify made use of this customer acquisition strategy with their “Business Name Generator”.

This system allows those interested in starting businesses through Shopify to brainstorm possible names, as well as check whether they are already taken. Presenting value to potential clients while helping them build out their new venture, kindles feelings of brand dedication which eventually drives up sales conversions.

Your business can take advantage of the current desire for digital experiences by constructing a custom-made generator that will be beneficial to your customers. The point here is to create an applicable tool that will generate leads and boost conversion rates. This customer acquisition story shows how a name generator can be used to capture customer attention and build customer loyalty.

First, you must create a customer-facing tool that is both useful and relevant to your target audience’s needs. For example, if your business specializes in branding solutions for entrepreneurs, then consider creating a “Brand Name Generator” as Shopify did. This tool allows users to enter a keyword and quickly generate creative brand name ideas.

Customer Acquisition Strategy Through Commencing with a Community Focus, Just like Instagram


If you haven’t invested time on Instagram yet, you’re missing out! Though the platform is now full of advertisements, it originally focused solely on cultivating a supportive community. It’s clear to see that this strategy has paid off — with millions of passionate users joining the platform every day. This approach to customer acquisition can also be applied in other industries. If you’re willing to put the time and effort into building customer relationships, you’ll see your customer base grow exponentially.

By constructing a digital community, the brand was capable of creating an emotional connection with its customers by supplying value through amusement. This no-frills approach to building relationships will induce greater loyalty from users and give you a platform to profit from your services when you have built up a sufficient number of followers.

The customer acquisition journey is not an easy one and there will be challenges along the way. It’s important to always remember that customer relationships are built over time, not overnight. Quality customer service, targeted ad campaigns, and thoughtful promotional offers can all go a long way in garnering customer loyalty.

Customer acquisition tactics used by these businesses

To achieve customer acquisition success, AirBnB, Uber, Etsy, Shopify, and Instagram incorporated successful tactics. Here are a few customer acquisition strategies that you can use to draw in customers.

Make bulk purchases of customers

Bulk customer purchases are a great way to attract customers and drive customer loyalty. Companies like Groupon, Amazon, and eBay use this tactic to quickly bring in customers. This can help you maximize customer value over the long term.

Establishing a strong customer base is key for startups, as it not only reduces customer acquisition costs and retention costs but also drives quick profitability and expedites scaling up.

Avoid engaging with adversaries head-on for your customer acquisition

When trying to acquire customers, it is often tempting to engage in competition with your customer’s current providers. This strategy can be very costly and rarely works. Avoid engaging with the customer’s existing provider head-on for customer acquisition as this usually leads to a race to the bottom. Focus instead on providing superior customer service and value to attract customers’ attention and loyalty.

Your competitors may already have the financial means to outpace you and dominate your market. Instead, focus on your customer acquisition through customer referrals and organic growth. Utilizing customer feedback is key to getting a better understanding of customer needs and wants. You can then use this knowledge to create a customer experience that meets their needs better than what competitors are offering.

Customer acquisition strategy to embrace non-linear tactics for outstanding results

Relying solely on a traditional customer acquisition strategy might not get you the highest customer engagement and loyalty. Exploring new customer acquisition avenues could be the key to standing out in a competitive landscape.

Creating a customer-centric culture will benefit your customer acquisition efforts significantly. It all starts with understanding customer needs and creating a great customer experience. Investing in customer experience initiatives such as customer feedback programs, customer surveys and customer support teams could help you gain invaluable insights into customer needs.

In addition to understanding customer needs, it is important to provide an engaging customer journey that meets the customers’ expectations. Investing in personalization efforts using predictive analytics, data-driven segmentation and AI customer service will help you provide an experience that customers want.

Nurture your first customers (beginning with vendors) to ensure a healthy start for your business!

A customer acquisition strategy needs to be customer-centric and should consider customer needs from the early stages. It’s important to design customer experiences that are built around customer wants and needs – this will help you in the long run! Developing a customer retention program can also help you acquire new customers, as it involves sharing user stories or positive reviews with potential customers.

Make sure you are leveraging customer data insights to stay competitive in your industry. Analyzing customer feedback and customer behavior will help you identify areas of improvement, drive customer loyalty and increase the lifetime value of customers.

Finally, investing in a customer acquisition strategy that targets the customer’s needs is essential to drive customer acquisition and retention. To create a successful customer acquisition plan, you need to understand customers’ needs and develop strategies that meet their requirements.

Explore the power of low-tech, non-digital resources for your customer acquisition strategy

Explore the power of low-tech, non-digital resources to capture customer attention, create customer loyalty, and stand out from the competition. Test different channels to identify the most effective customer acquisition strategies for your business.

An important lesson in any of your customer acquisition strategies is understanding customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is a metric that measures how much money a customer will bring to your business over the entire life cycle of customer interaction. This customer lifetime value should inform your customer acquisition strategies and help you focus on finding the right customers for your business.

Prioritize operations over tech when starting out

As customer acquisition is an operational process, you should focus more on customer onboarding and retention. Once these processes are running smoothly, you can focus on customer segmentation and customer personalization, which can be implemented with the right technology.

A customer acquisition strategy that incorporates technology should be customer-centric and data-driven. Make sure the technology you use is customer-focused, and that it can help your customer acquisition efforts.

View your business from the perspective of a customer and gain valuable insight

Ask yourself questions such as, “What message do I want to convey? What customer journey will be most effective?” to gain insight into how customer acquisition works. This will allow you to determine which customer acquisition strategies will be most effective and how best to optimize customer journeys.

A good customer acquisition story can teach your team valuable lessons about customer behavior and in turn, will give you an edge over the competition. For example, one company found that when they offered personalized discounts to their customers it resulted in six times more customer purchases and also increased customer loyalty. This customer acquisition story is a valuable lesson in how customer centricity can improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

Harness the power of content marketing to acquire new customers

Like Etsy, you can acquire new customers by utilizing content marketing. Content marketing is the process of creating, promoting, and distributing content to reach customer segments with the intent of increasing customer loyalty and developing customer relationships.

Content can be videos, podcasts, blog posts, or any other form of helpful information that speaks to your customer’s needs to influence their buying decision. Providing helpful content can help you to acquire new customers, increase customer trust and loyalty, as well as educate customers on the benefits of your product or service without being too pushy.

Take advantage of digital opportunities to acquire new customers

Shopify is a great example of an eCommerce platform that has been able to capitalize on digital customer acquisition opportunities. ShopifyPlus allowed businesses to expand their customer base to global markets by providing customers with the tools and resources they need to create online stores that could be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Digital marketing channels are available such as email, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and online advertising allow you to distribute content quickly and reach customer segments that may have not been aware of your offering before. Through customer profiling and segmentation, customer insights can be leveraged to tailor campaigns and messaging strategies for customer acquisition.

Discover the Most Successful Customer Acquisition Strategies Available

The customer acquisition strategy is the process of identifying customer needs and finding the best way to acquire new customers. A customer acquisition strategy usually involves a combination of tactics such as targeting, customer segmentation, pricing optimization, and customer journey optimization.

Your customer acquisition strategy can be a combination of the best customer acquisition strategies. Whether you’re new to customer acquisition or an experienced customer acquisition officer, there are always ways to improve your customer acquisition process. Below we share some of the most successful customer acquisition strategies available for customer acquisition today.

Organic Search (Search Engine Optimisation)

Organic search or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies for customer acquisition today because it is an effective way to new customers that are already interested in what you have to offer. When done correctly, it can help you get your website noticed and ranked higher by search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Organic search (SEO) involves optimizing the content on a website so that it ranks high in relevant searches. This includes researching popular keywords, creating high-quality content around specific topics, and building quality backlinks from reputable websites, all of which can help increase visibility online.

You can use SEO to target more niche audiences by using long-tail keywords that are specific to their products or services. The results with organic search marketing are often much longer lasting compared to PPC due to increased exposure over time on various platforms and improved SEO performance with continuous optimization.

Furthermore, organic search is a great way for your business to build trust with its target customers since it will only be presented with relevant results based on the user’s query instead of generic advertisements.

Paid search marketing, often referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is an effective customer acquisition strategy that businesses use to increase their visibility on the web and generate more leads. Unlike SEO, which requires some time before your website’s rankings start to improve, paid search marketing allows you to instantly appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

By bidding on specific keywords related to your products or services, companies are able to ensure ads appear in front of your potential customers who are actively searching for relevant items. With this approach, businesses can reach out to customers likely to be interested in what they have to offer and better capitalize on their marketing efforts. 

The benefits of SEM go far beyond increasing visibility and generating leads; it also provides a much greater level of control than other forms of advertising. Companies can choose which keywords to bid on and which ads will be displayed for each keyword, allowing them to target potential customers who are most likely interested in their offerings.

You can use the pay-per-click model only incur costs when someone clicks on your ad; consequently, you can easily track the performance of your different campaigns and adjust their bids according to results if necessary. This makes it possible for you to fine-tune their search engine marketing efforts while also efficiently controlling costs. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is one of the most effective and widely used customer acquisition strategies today, allowing businesses to reach their target audiences quickly and effectively. Customer acquisition strategy on social media involves creating customer profiles and developing campaigns that are tailored to their interests. Social media customer acquisition allows you to target very specific customer segments, enabling you to focus your efforts on a select group of potential customers.

Maximize your customer acquisition strategy on social media by using the powerful platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create custom ads that reach a specific demographic or customer segment. With these tools, businesses can create content that speaks directly to their potential customers and build relationships with them over time.

Your customer acquisition strategy on social media platforms should include leveraging customer reviews and testimonials, content marketing, customer engagement tactics such as contests and giveaways, and in-depth customer research. Using customer reviews is a great way to gain trust from potential customers since it offers an objective insight into how your product or service really works.

Referral Program

A referral program is a great way to acquire new customers and increase your customer base. It involves incentivizing existing customers to refer their networks to your business. By offering them rewards such as discounts, coupons, and gift cards, you can encourage them to tell their friends about your product or service. This kind of marketing strategy is proven to be one of the most effective ones in customer acquisition today and is the best way for businesses to generate organic leads without having to invest too much money. 

Referral programs are particularly beneficial for businesses because they allow them to reach potential customers who have already been referred by people they trust. This gives businesses access to potential customers that would have otherwise been unreachable. Moreover, when it comes to customer acquisition, referral programs give businesses the chance to save time and money as compared to other traditional forms of marketing, such as advertising and promotion campaigns.

Furthermore, they enable companies to better track their performance since referrals can be easily tracked through metrics such as conversion rates or lifetime value metrics. Finally, referral programs offer the advantage of allowing businesses to build relationships with past customers so that they can use those relationships to acquire new ones more efficiently.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy used by many businesses today to acquire and retain customers. It involves creating content that is relevant and valuable to a particular audience. This can include blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, social media posts, ebooks, webinars, and more.

Content marketing is customer acquisition in its purest form. It’s not only a way to get new customers for your brand, but it also helps retain existing ones as well. By creating content that resonates with your target audience, you can build trust and loyalty to acquire and retain customers.

How to use content marketing to your advantage? Learn what is customer acquisition and how to acquire customers through content marketing. Your brand needs to have a strategy that is focused on content and most especially those that matter to your customers such as customer stories, customer feedback, customer surveys, and customer interviews. Your content needs to tell a story that resonates with them in order to encourage them to take action and become a customer of your brand.

The Best Ways to Implement Smart Client Acquisition Strategies for your Products and Services

  1. Create and Promote Video Content
  2. Choose your acquisition channels 
  3. Focus on benefits over features
  4. Focus on creating quality content
  5. Develop a unique strategy for each channel
  6. Track customer lifetime value

Find Your Target Audience

To get started in user acquisition strategy, you have to know who you are targeting. You need to identify and create customer personas that match your customer base. Identifying customer needs, interests, behaviors, and demographics will help you define the ideal customer for your product or service.

Create and Promote Video Content

Acquiring new customers requires you to create and promote content that appeals to them. Video content is one of the most effective ways to do this. It’s visual, and engaging, and can be used across multiple channels like YouTube, social media, or on your website. When creating customer acquisition videos, think about what makes your product or service unique and use visuals to illustrate the value proposition for potential customers.

Choose your acquisition channels 

Once you have identified your customer base or your audience, the next step is to define where they’re hanging out online. Are they on Twitter or Facebook? Do you need to be advertising on Google Ads? You need to set up customer acquisition campaigns across multiple channels in order to reach a wide audience and generate leads. You want to be in front of potential customers as they search for solutions to their problems and ensure you are the first in line to offer a solution.

Focus on benefits over features

The right customer acquisition strategy needs to focus on customer benefits rather than product features. You need to be able to demonstrate why your product or service is the best solution for the customer’s problem, and how you can make their life easier or better. Customers should feel like they’re investing in a solution that will benefit them in the long term, not just a short-term fix.

Focus on creating quality content

For example, if you are running a blog or website, focus on creating content that is relevant to the customer’s needs and interests. Your content should be well-written, informative, and offer valuable advice that people can use. Quality content will help you build trust with potential customers, as they’ll come to view you as an expert in your field.

Develop a unique strategy for each channel

Different customer acquisition channels require different strategies. For example, email marketing works best with a well-crafted and segmented customer list, whereas social media requires engaging visuals and frequent updates. Developing a unique strategy for each customer acquisition channel can help you get the most out of your efforts.

Track customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value is a key customer acquisition metric. It measures the total amount of revenue generated by a customer over the entire course of their relationship with your business. Tracking customer lifetime value can help you identify which customer acquisition channels are most successful and make data-driven decisions about where to allocate resources for future campaigns.

Customer Acquisition Techniques: Conclusion

In conclusion, we have seen several successful customer acquisition stories of popular brands and how their strategies drove great numbers.  We have also explored customer acquisition techniques such as offering incentives, discounts, loyalty programs and customer segmentation.

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